Sudan Dermatology

Issue: Vol. 9, No. 1, Year (2012)

The efficacy of Nd:YAG 1064nm laser in the treatment of Pseudofolliculitis Barbae and Acne keloidals Nuchae in Sudanese patients


Background Psneudofolliculitis barbae is a papular and pustular foreign body inflammatory reaction that may affect any individual who has curly (coarse) hair and curved hair follicles. Keloid formation is often a problem in affected skin especially in African back ground. It is often chronic and can be disfiguring. Folliculitis keloidalis (acne keloidalis nuchae) is a chronic inflammatory process involving the hair Follicles of the nape of neck and occipital scalp leading to hypertrophic scarring in papules and plaques.

Objectives To determine the efficacy of Neodimium –Yttrium –Aluminium garnet (Nd: YAG) 1064nm laser as a means of hair removal (hair reduction) in the treatment of pseudo folliculitis barbae and acne keloidalis nuchae in Sudanese patients.

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Material and Methods Study sample was composed of nine male patients (four clinically diagnosed as cases of pseudo folliculitis barbae, four patients with acne keloidalis nuchae and one patient with the two disorders). Laser system used was Nd:YAG laser of 1064nm wave-length manufactured by Dornier Medilas. Parametrs used were the standard mode, non contact application (bare fibre) and exposure duration of 0.2 second, with power 20-60 watt. Patients were submitted to weekly sessions. Changes in number and appearance of the lesions were recorded in each follow up visit. The treatment results were assessed according to reduction in the number of papules and pustules as well as the side effects encountered during the study.

Results The results were evaluated clinically and were classified as follows: Good results: there is significant reduction in number of papules and pustules without hypo pigmentation (approximately 80% of the preexisting lesions disappeared). Moderate results: there is moderate reduction in the number of papules and pustules with or without hypo pigmentation (approximately 60% of the pre existing lesions disappeared). Poor results: no clinically evident improvement. Patients who showed good results were 6 patients. Patients who showed moderate results were 3 patients. All patients were satisfied with the improvement.

Conclusion The results of this study proved that Nd.YAG laser 1064nm is an effective treatment for pseudo-folliculitis barbae and acne keloidalis nucha in skin photo-type V. Regarding the response of skin-photo type VI, Nd-YAG laser may not be the optimum treatment.