Sudan Dermatology

Page: About the Journal

Sudanese Journal of Dermatology was founded by Dr Mahdi Shamad, and first published in 2004; as the first in the country and one of the first dermatology related journal in our region.

Sudanese Journal of Dermatology  is the official publication of Sudanese Association of dermatologists.

The objective of the journal is to improve the scientific knowledge and to stimulate our colleagues for scientific writing in dermatology and related subjects. The journal aims to contribute to dermatology literature, with emphases on subjects that of interest in our region.

Sudanese Journal of Dermatology  is using the Peer Review system for all papers pending to be published. We are using the Standard (Anonymous) Reviewing System, that reviewers will not know names and institution of authors. We selected a group of reviewers from different specialties for this issue.

Manuscripts will not be accepted for publication in Sudanese Journal of Dermatology unless fulfilling the criteria mentioned in the section ‘Instructions for Authors’ elsewhere in the journal. It is very important to reed it carefully before sending manuscripts for publication. The manuscript will soon be processed and sent to Peer Reviewers and we shall try our best not to delay the reply.